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Today I wanted to share with you…

 about a Scary Dragon!



What is it about these creatures that have always captivated our imagination? 

Imagine yourself in a dark cave! 

Evening has come on and the sun has gone down.

You have a torch and it’s light glimmers warmly on the walls of the cave. You’ve walked for hours though the cavern passages looking for a way out.

The thought of dying in this cave grows stronger as the minutes pass. Thankfully nothing has happened so far. 

Now take an intermission: Here’s a bunch of details that are missing:

Are you alone?

Do you have any weapons?

How strong are you?

What’s the plot of this story?

Who’s the leader or King of the Land?

What’s your station in life?

Nevertheless, with the details I’ve told you, I’m sure you can still understand how it would feel to suddenly hear a tremendous roar coming from down the passage!

The sound turns into a large scraping sound, then a clicking of what sounds like claws on rock and then a whirring of the wind as something huge comes toward you.

What a picture!

In my mind I’m drawing a scene of a warrior with shiny plate armor, wearing leather boots and a glinting sharp sword in their other hand. 

As the creature swiftly moves faster than the warrior can run, the dragons skin appears red but dark where his plated scales and horns show in the light of the dropped torch.

Can you see it too?

So the question is: “what brought our warrior into such a terrible situation?”

Answer: I’m not really sure but the facts are that unless he purposely came looking for this dragon (and if he did then was very brave to tackle his problems and to face his fears), or he had a lack of insightwisdom and perhaps even some daily neglect which brought him here.

Of course this story is just hypothetical, so who knows right. But still, what’s the so called “dragon” that’s waiting for you? What are your daily actions bringing you closer to?

So here’s the moral of the story:

Do daily what you can do today! Don’t neglect to do the little things that will take you a different direction over time. Face your problems and fears head on.


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