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A Happy Surprise!



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Today I wanted to share with you…

 …a happy surprise!


Even this squirrel knows the secret!


here’s something that will surprise you about happiness:

Happiness begins with discipline.

Jim Rohn used to say that “Everything good is upstream.”

Drifting and just letting time pass you by without attempting to accomplish your dream just brings you down river and into failure.

 Discipline can be a positive word: Discipline is the bridge between your dreams and seeing it accomplished.

 Work  is what brings dreams to reality and discipline creates the work that makes it happen. 

It was funny how Jim Rohn encouraged you to make a lot of plans. He would say “If you’re not happy start a ‘happiness plan’”.

And let it begin by having some discipline to study happiness.

If you’re not wealthy, start a “new wealth plan.”

Save your first few dollars or cents into your wealth plan. If you don’t start today, you may never start. 

Here’s another step in your “wealth plan”. Reply and connect back with me.” 

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