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Growing “Weeds” in Your Relationships?


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Today I wanted to share with you about what you are growing in your relationships? 

 Growing “plants” or “Weeds”? 





“Time, effort and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep a relationship flourishing and growing.” Jim Rohn*


The greatest gift God has given us is relationships. 

Relationships are like gardens. You have to work them and keep out the “weeds”. *


Today I thought a little bit about what some examples of the “weeds” were. Here are some ideas: 


1) Neglect

2) Lack of love

3) lack of affection

4) Growing bored with each other.


How do “weeds” grow?


Laziness by not giving the time you need to give.

Negligence by not giving the effort to invest in building your relationships.

Negligence by not using your imagination to come up with creative ideas to make your relationship better.


A leader in this situation sees what the relationship looks like currently and uses his imagination to see how it could be improved and what it could look like in the future.Then he makes a plan to achieve it and works his plan.


It’s also important to pull the “weeds” in our financial life. 


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* Many ideas in this blog post were inspired by Jim Rohn.  Thank you making such a difference in my life.



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