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Moving Forward with Your Life


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This week I want to share with you some ideas how to get over pain and bitterness and move forward with your life.


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Sometimes we get hit with pain that almost threatens to send us over the edge.

 It might just make us angry or be more serious causing us to despair or even make us feel like we want to give up. There are two important things to remember during times like these. 


One is that God loves you. It’s easy to just say that but it’s different to center your life around that truth. To center your life means to trust God with your life and give him all your goals and dreams and to find rest in his love.

Two is to remember that you have a real enemy.
Whoever the face you see behind your distress is just the cover. Behind it all, is your enemy the devil. You and I may not really understand very much about him at all but the force of evil is very real.
And that force is pushing to destroy you. He does not want you to find rest in God, and will do anything to keep you from that. That includes offering you a temporary happiness just to get your mind off things.
But temporary happiness will not heal bitterness or jealousy or hurt from others.

Remember this and remember that life is not just a game. It is a real war for your soul.

God is fighting for you and yes – it’s because he loves and wants you. 🙂



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