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Today I want to share with you my personal STORY and what grief I experienced going through 40 different business to find a way to make consistant income. 
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My Personal Story
For many years I wanted a way to create extra income and eventually work my way out of a job. I was tired of doing the same thing and being a wage slave. I’m guessing you can relate! 
 Here’s a little about my journey:
In 2012 I lost my job as a teacher when our school lost funding.
I tried to create a full time income for myself that first year but failed miserably. 
That year I lost all my investment money trying to create an online business that payed. I was either scammed or told false promises. It was a tough road. But I never gave up. That’s a key element right there if you want to know.
All in all I’ve been in 40 opportunities. Yes I’ve made $1000’s in some of them but could not seem to create the consistency that it took to change my life.

I knew somewhere down deep it all stemmed with a lack of understanding advertising. Now I know with ANY business you start, you have to learn advertising or you might as well just quit. 

Another thing that changed for me was the ability to work with a good mentor who has been down the road and done it. 
This has been my life line and I think will be yours too.
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To your success!

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